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affected. back to you. >>> search-and-rescue teams here in the united states are ready go to haiti, including the baltimore-base uss comfort. they returned from a four-month humane humanitarian mission. the comfort offers healthcare on the ship as well as on on shore. it carries volunteers doctors, nurses, specialist and equip. according to abc news the ship could head out on monday. >>> in the meantime haitian americans spent the night in frustration. they were scared because the lines of communication are down. slowly it is trickling back on. here is how many people are working to get help back home. >> reporter: the earthquake sent many to their faith. dozens gather to pray and watch the news in a san diego church. many are frustrated because phone lines down. >> i called and called and called. >> reporter: in los angeles, search-and-rescue teams that specialize in earthquake relief gathered 55,000 pounds of gear ready to fly out. >> this is port a prince here. >> reporter: in fort meyer's florida a volunteer pilot for the charity is preparing for worse. >> we'll be probably be
. >>> there is a further recall. and it has thousands of vehicles in the united states being recalled. toyota says it will recall the vehicles in europe and the number of vehicles is not yet known. and this is causing a lot of confusion for many drivers who want to know if it is safe to drive their own car. add the dealerships who say they were blind sided by the company's decision to suspend sales. brian ross has a question that everyone is asking now. what now? >> reporter: in tokyo at the world headquarters, they sent out guards to demand that the news cameras be turned off and leave. we did neither then a spokesperson came out to talk. >> there was an accident. >> reporter: and at a show room in new york city the manager told us to leave. >> i would like to escort you out because right now there is nothing else i can do for you. >> reporter: after reports of accidents and deaths, toyota's advice that the drivers of the cars should keep driving them was meant with astonishment. >> we know this part is defective or not a safe part. on the other hand you are saying well but the chances are it
. viviana hurtado takes a look at the help that's on its way from the united states. >> reporter: the clock is ticking to get critical help to the victims of the haiti earthquake. president obama has ordered american aid efforts be worked on round-the-clock. the coast guard has surveyed damage to the port. the navy has deployed a hospital ship to treat the injured. victims can get out and supplies and aid workers can get in. mission number one for americans across the country, get people the basics. >> these are water purification tablets. >> reporter: aid groups prefer cash donations. >> the best thing you can do is give money for food, water, shelter and first aid supplies. those are the things we need. >> reporter: the quake knocked out communications towers. many don't know if their loved ones survived and if so, how they are. >> i tried watching it at first to see if i could see him, you know, with the people in the streets, and uh, but it just got too much. >> the not-knowing does it. you know? you want to believe but then again you don't want to believe that it really happened. >> re
in the community. the broad community. whether it is in maryland or the united states or internationally. it will be a mail-order subscription. >> in 15 minutes we had a deal struck. i said you get it together and we'll print it and mail it. >> what kind of articles are you look at? >> the edition coming out on friday we interview a deaf guy. he's culturally deaf and hard of hearing. this was something that was unusual. we interviewed another young male who had a bone marrow transplant. he had sickle cell disease. now he's sickle cell-free. he doesn't have the symptoms no more. he's been doing this over a year. >> i'm hearing inspiration stories. >> we have a whole league full of stories. the league's been doing great stuff in the community. >> this will help us get the word out and provide a great service. >> do you need writers? story tellers? >> we would love to have everyone involved. people with or without disabilities can help. this is all about providing help. right now in america people with disabilities do not have that. >> is this the proudest thing you have ever done in your l
it? >> i've seen other corruption trials, uh, you know in the united states attorneys office and since, unfortunately we've had plenty in maryland, hopefully that will go down. >> andy rodding, thank you for coming in. >>> the mayor's announcement to resign started to make its rounds yesterday morning and news arrived in the afternoon. kelly swoope tells us lawmakers say this will not affect the way our city has run. >> and i bring to you the mayor of baltimore, mayor sheila dixon. [cheering and applause] >> reporter: december 4th, 2007 was a very proud day for sheila dixon. the day she was inaugurated mayor of the city of baltimore. on this day, a little more than two years later, she announced she was giving up the post. >> this cloud has been for the last several years, has been dragging out and all through that process she's been very committed to moving the city's agenda forward and we have done that. >> reporter: state senator nathaniel mcfadden said he was sad to see the day but is confident the city will move forward. >> now it's time to move on and let go. >> reporte
-hand to make up for the gap if more stimulus funds are not approved by the united states congress. >>> more pink slips are being handed out. walmart is trimming more than 11,000 jobs at its sam's club warehouses. cuts will include 10,000 samples who showcase products for customers. outside marketing company is being hired to do in-store product demonstrations. >>> we have a new dry cleaners in columbia lending a helping hand to the unemployed by cleaning their clothes for free. carlos opened zips a few weeks ago. now he's showing how he cares about his customers. if you provide him with information that proves your are out of work he'll dry clean three clothes for you a week until you find a job. >> we try to help the community to provide jobs and any way we can help. the economy is going through rough times now. so why not? come in. we'll take care of you. we want you to look good for the interview. >> he is a nice guy. he knows how to do business. >> carlos, light starch. he plans to keep this up and running until the economy gets better. >>> college search process has a major deadline qu
in the united statesç. >> give us an example. if i'm thinking about a house in baltimore city. >> if çyou're ççbringing up app, it will show the most ç recent cramd data in a area and give you a crime rating. >> and you said you do this? 300 cities, even over in london. >> that's right. we pulled crime day in every major city and the u.s. too. >> and kind of and ççobvious question, why would you do this? >> living in baltimore and being a transplant, i çwas ç reading about crime quite often but didn't have a general understanding of where it was happening in the çcity. i wanted çit mapped. ñbecame çavailable. we started plotting available crime(d@ta on the çmap and gre from there. >> it's only available only iphones right now? >> we have a website where we also map crime. on the iphone the app is only available there. >> so let's see it. this is a picture of it on the screen. so this is çbasically giving yç a map. you also said this, you'll send e-mail alerts? >> absolutely. we send daily e-mail çalerts, any crime çthat happens within radius of where you
-- and come into the united states. >> when we talk about italian cheese today, you say there are huge health benefits? >> there are. it is a lot of bang for your buck. you need a little bit cheese to get a ton of flavor. and it's an aged cheese. this one is 24 months at least. and we have some that are three years. the amino acid starts to dry and it's a stomach settler. in italy the mother give them to children as chewers. if you look on line right now, there are a few sites about hoping to reduce tummy fat by eating this cheese. >> you would almost think the exact opposite. it's not the chase it comes to this? >> it's not high in fat, but the amount that you need to use is very little. so you get a lot more. you need to use less as opposed to mozzarella. this is a great choice. >> so let's move on to the smaller pieces now that we've covered the giant piece of cheese. >> another popular cheese is this one. it means sheep. it's a sheep's milk cheese and it's salty. this has been around since roman times. this is made from sheep's milk. and the assortment, this would be a nice italian trade
patients contact us every day because there are very few centers in the united states who perform this operation. >> what do you tell the patient or who qualifies for that? >> these are patients who have advanced what we call advanced cancer that could be coming from the appendix, the ovary, the lining of the inside of the abdominal cavity, the colon, or the stomach. >> is this the last option? >> pretty much. unfortunately, most of these patients have been treated with many previous surgeries and previous chemotherapy and get to us very, very late in the course of the disease. >> what do you find? what's the success rate? >> we have done well, depending on the primary tumor. we have people now alive 14 years later pretty much after they have been told to go home and die. >> when you started the procedure, what do you think at the very beginning? >> when you start the procedure, there is so much tomber that really you have to believe in this to make it happen because it takes an operation 10 to 14 hours and sometimes even longer to complete. the sad part of this is always the pat
other hospitals around the country, it appears olivia is 2010's first baby anywhere in the united states. >> that was really cool. it's still sinking in. >> reporter: olivia is also very quiet, thank you very much. this was the first peep she made even as her parents were interviewed for more than 10 minutes. adrian was scheduled to be induced saturday but then started to have contracttions thursday afternoon. >> they got closer and stronger and that was really scary. i had to go to the hospital. >> reporter: the rest is history. the delivery went smoothly, four seconds after midnight what a way to start the new year. >> it's exciting. it's neat. >> reporter: christian schaffer, abc2 news. >> beautiful, huh? >> yeah. gorgeous. >> the allens also have a 16-month-old girl at home. hospital officials in chicago say they had a baby born 10 seconds after midnight but they are an hour behind. >> we still beat them. way to go, olivia. >> there should be a national registry for babies born. >> no, but at the stroke of midnight new year's day. >> the allens, number one in the country. >> here's a
back this week to take on the largest issue facing the state. the budget problems will likely play a 90-day problem in the session. tax breaks will likely be ruled out because it is an election year. former governor is calling on legislators to unite. he's calling for thousands to protest o'malley's fiscal policy. the march is set for wednesday at 7:00 in the evening. >>> now to health alerts. visitor restrictions have been lifted at two area hospitals for the swine flu. northwest and sinai hospitals are allowing vistors under the age of 18. patients are no longer limited to the two-dayvisit. >>> in the meantime baltimore county will be offer offering free h1n1 clinics if you are interested. they are reminding people this morning while there are fewer people getting sick we are still two months into. the danger is not over yet. here's a look at where the clinics are taking place. monday through friday next week at the baltimore county health center between 9:00 and 4:00 each day. >>> now to the deep freeze that continues to grip much of the eastern half of the country. those in the sou
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11

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